During my time with Destiny Rescue, I began experimenting with how Facial Recognition could be used to aid in the identification of children being rescued by Destiny Rescue’s Rescue Agents. The plan was to increase efficiency during the data entry process and help administration staff connect the information being received from Rescue Agents to a profile stored in Salesforce.

The system used the Facial Recognition service provided by SkyBiometry.

Here is a screencast to illustrate how the system works. It is without audio commentary; it simply demonstrates the final result of the integration. Shortly, I will provide a write-up of how I achieved this. In order to achieve this, I used a combination of Apex, Visualforce pages, Visualforce components, Backbone, Underscore, Salesforce JS API, Canvas, Salesforce Notes & Attachments, and, SkyBiometry’s API.

Currently, the system is not in any production environment.