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Proof of Concept: Isolating Lightning Components from Visualforce Using Lightning Out


Recently, I was exploring embedding lightning components inside a customised Service Cloud console Visualforce page. I began with the mindset that to achieve this was a straight forward process using lightning out and little bit of Javascript. I quickly realised […]

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New Tool for Managing Field Level Security Updates for Salesforce in Bulk


A short while ago, I demonstrated a tool I had written and integrated into Salesforce for managing bulk updates of field level security settings for multiple profiles. Since then I have been hard at work in creating a standalone tool […]

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Easing the Burden of Bulk Field Level Security Updates in Salesforce


Working with permissions per each field in Salesforce can be a cumbersome task. Each field can be visible and/or read only. One of the primary ways to update this information is to access the Salesforce Setup panel and go to […]

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Salesforce: Adding a Current Status to NPSP Recurring Donation object


The Recurring Donation object in the Non Profit Success Pack (NPSP) is a great way to keep track of regular pledges made by donors. There are a number of different options and features that can be configured to control the […]

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Experimenting with Facial Recognition in Salesforce


During my time with Destiny Rescue, I began experimenting with how Facial Recognition could be used to aid in the identification of children being rescued by Destiny Rescue’s Rescue Agents. The plan was to increase efficiency during the data entry […]

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Salesforce Triggers: Detect value changes


Every now and again it’s important to action something based on values changing on records that have been updated (or inserted). In Salesforce, triggers can be set up to monitor when records updated, inserted, deleted, or, undeleted. This little code […]

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My Toolkit


I’m back… to give a breakdown of the tools I use to make life easier! These are in no particular order. There are many more tools I use on a daily basis, but these are some of my favourite.  

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A New Adventure Begins


Hi everybody, Happy Friday and I hope your week has been productive! I’m grabbing a moment to fill you in on some news that has propelled me, and subsequently the business, into an exciting new direction. Last New Year’s Eve, […]

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New Plugin: WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Product Exclusions


Recently I was working for a client that needed the flexibility to exclude certain products from the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing calculations. The Dynamic Pricing plugin is elaborate and allows a lot of flexibility in re-pricing products based on certain conditions. […]

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New WordPress Malware Infection


A new malware infection is affecting WordPress sites on a massive scale.

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