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Use Gravity Form Geo Conditional Field for Custom Feed Processing


I recently developed a plugin (available on CodeCanyon) that will store the current location (country and continent) of the user submitting a form designed in Gravity Forms. This plugin regularly downloads the latest Geo information from MaxMind Geolite2 and uses that to […]

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Gravity Forms Post Listing Field


A new field for Gravity Forms that makes its easy to display dynamic data to your users.

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jQuery Monitor Responsive Changes


A code snippet to monitor window resizing and target specific responsive breakpoints.

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Browser Compatibility Testing


In a perfect world, the term browser compatibility testing would not exist, however, we live in an imperfect world and making sure your website is accessible to the masses is becoming more important everyday…

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Why I use WordPress


WordPress has become the industry leader in content management systems. It’s extensibility, simplicity and usability are paramount to its success and it can be used in almost any scenario or project base.

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Introducing Horizontal Meta, Performance Benchmarks


A performance benchmark for the latest plugin developed by Nathan Franklin called Horizontal Meta.

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Experimenting with meta data in WordPress


WordPress meta storage can sometimes create performance based issues in your site, particularly in large WordPress sites. Today we look at some ways around this.

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