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Salesforce: Adding a Current Status to NPSP Recurring Donation object


The Recurring Donation object in the Non Profit Success Pack (NPSP) is a great way to keep track of regular pledges made by donors. There are a number of different options and features that can be configured to control the […]

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Experimenting with Facial Recognition in Salesforce


During my time with Destiny Rescue, I began experimenting with how Facial Recognition could be used to aid in the identification of children being rescued by Destiny Rescue’s Rescue Agents. The plan was to increase efficiency during the data entry […]

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jQuery Monitor Responsive Changes


A code snippet to monitor window resizing and target specific responsive breakpoints.

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Experimenting with meta data in WordPress


WordPress meta storage can sometimes create performance based issues in your site, particularly in large WordPress sites. Today we look at some ways around this.

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