I’m back… to give a breakdown of the tools I use to make life easier! These are in no particular order.


BitBucket: My source for Git! Free, streamlined,  version controls for individuals and team. Combined with SourceTree (Atlassian’s source control product), it’s a great addition to the toolkit.

MockFlow: One of the easiest to use tools out there to quickly and effectively communicate an idea to key project stakeholders. Excellent exporting capabilities.


SequelPro: Easy access to local MySql databases. Pretty run of the mill database software, but fast and flexible.

WordPress: Who can forget our beloved WordPress! The backbone majority of the internet. Powerful blogging, e-commerce and just about anything platform.
SpritePad: With the arrival and slow rollout of HTTP/2, less emphasis is put on the need for this one. Having said that, it’s in here, because it still brings value to my toolkit. Eventually CSS sprites will no longer be required as HTTP/2 is much more efficient in requesting resources from web servers. 
MAMP: Local development server for PHP development. MAMP supports everything up to PHP 7 and offers an easy to use web based interface to manage both your local sites and your preferred setup.
Microsoft Developer VMs: Free VM machines for testing those myriads of annoying IE glitches. They offer free VMs down to IE8 which is perfect everyone committed to the war on backwards compatibility.
ExpressVPN: Fast VPN provider for testing any type of geo functionality and at times, for a more stable internet connection.
Sublime Text 3. This is one of the fastest editors I have ever used! Comparing everything from PHPStorm to NetBeans to Visual Studio, Sublime Text kills them all in raw performance. Along with a large list of plugins which are community driven, Sublime is fast becoming my editor of choice. Sublime Text also offers a plugin for MavensMate for Salesforce development.
Salesforce: Hands down, the most powerful CRM to exist. Useful in almost any scenario from customer management to warehousing management to systems and process automations. Salesforce is customisable through a huge array of features such as custom fields, custom objects, custom triggers, custom classes, pages…. the list goes on. Salesforce also offers 10 free licenses to eligible NGO’s in addition to offering reduce cost licensing.

There are many more tools I use on a daily basis, but these are some of my favourite.