Recently I was working for a client that needed the flexibility to exclude certain products from the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing calculations. The Dynamic Pricing plugin is elaborate and allows a lot of flexibility in re-pricing products based on certain conditions. For the most part the plugin works well, however the ability to exclude the modules from calculation, based on certain conditions, was reduced to writing code via hooks provided by the plugin. 

The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Product Exclusions plugin allows you to exclude individual products from the calculation rules of the Dynamic Pricing plugin. It’s a simple plugin that can be useful to exclude items like Gift Vouchers, for example, from the Dynamic Pricing rules available in the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin. You must have the WooCommerce and WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugins installed for this plugin to function.

Since I had already written the code, I decided to make it a plugin and release it to the repository. 

You can access the plugin here: