The Gravity Forms Geo Conditional Fields plugins creates an additional 2 hidden field types that you can use to determine what country and what continent the user filling out your form is from.


  • Show/Hide fields based on users geographical location.
  • Send customised notifications to users and admins based on users geographical location.
  • Use notification routing to email different users and admins based on users geographical location.
  • Gain valuable insight into where your users reside.
  • Trigger Gravity Form feeds (such as PayPal, MailChimp) based on users geographical location. Example: subscribe user to a certain mailing list or trigger a certain payment gateway.
  • Access to current visitor’s geographical location using included php function geo_fields_query_ip($ip).
  • Automatic monthly updates to the GeoLite2 information database.
  • Custom merge tags for geo country and geo continent information.

The plugin will determine the users geographical location based on their IP address which is a unique identifier of the user completing your form. It will perform a lookup using the MaxMind GeoLite2 database to find a match. The plugin will also ensure this database is automatically downloaded on a monthly basis to ensure it stays up to date and current.

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