Give WordPress meta queries a performance kick. Change the structure of important meta data fields to a horizontal/relational structure to overcome the performance restrictions that exist in the current meta structure.

Horizontal Meta creates additional relational tables in monitors specific meta keys for updates and deletions and will copy any update into the relational table. Horizontal Meta can also override the default WordPress queries linking to the WordPress meta table to reroute them to its own table structure. This can significantly increase the speed of meta queries for larger sites that use heavy meta querying and also gives way to better custom SQL queries for extracting meta data out of WordPress.

What it’s got

  • Create Data-typed mappings in a horizontal/relational structure.
  • Includes short text (string) (free), date (premium), time (premium), numeric (premium), decimal (premium), text (premium), long text (premium) data types with more to come.
  • Powerful user interface to review data stored in meta keys and manage the mappings stored in the system.
  • Manage mappings with the Horizontal Meta API
  • Works with User meta and Post meta
  • Compatible with multisite.
  • Free version provides ability to create up to 5 post and user mappings with string data type.

Role: Plugin Developer
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