Website Development

My web development services include PHP web development, WordPress themes and plugin development, PSD2HTML, PSD2WordPress, and also CodeIgniter framework development. I produce results that are satisfying and they leave you wanting more. I provide frontend coding compatibility from IE8 right up to all the latest browsers and mobile devices. All my websites are SEO friendly, helping your site get noticed!


Responsive Development

An important step in any online strategy is to establish how you will handle the experience for users with smart devices such as phones and tablets.  Without this feature, accessing a website can prove to be frustrating and unusable.  I can provide responsive development and resizing with a strategy that ensures your users are getting the best possible experience to reach their goals and yours.



Usability is one of the most important factors to contribute to the success of your website. You can have the best looking, most easy to find website on the market, but if your site leaves your users frustrated then you might be losing vital customers and income. I partner with you to identify the weak points in your website to develop strategies to help your website reach its potential.



Have you ever used a website that is so slow that you have just given up?  These days, loyalty has become an elusive term, and if your customers can’t get what they need from your website in a time frame that suits them, you can be sure they will navigate to any one of your competitors. I  can conduct performance reviews of your site to identify bottlenecks and develop strategies to remove them.


Webhosting and Management

I utilise my own dedicated hosting infrastructure, partnering with Web24 to provide a fast, secure and scaleable environment needed to ensure your users can gain access to your site when they need to.  I use only the best hardware including Xeon processors and enterprise hardware-firewalls, freeing you from the worry of keeping your site online.  



Creating the latest and greatest web app is not as easy as just firing up your favourite MVC framework and coding until your hearts content. You need a strategy on how your app is going to handle data, how it’s going to be stored, how it will be retrieved, and how it will be updated. The same sentiment rings true for WordPress. Having been experienced in database management for over 14 years, I provide the technical understanding needed to deliver a highly efficient data management strategy for your web app or your website.


Project Management

It is important in any web based project to be properly planned out and managed well. Neglecting either one of these areas can result in disaster. Customers may be dissatisfied, and budgets might be blown. I work with agencies and customers to scope and plan thoroughly, managing the project from the beginning to the end to ensure it is done right the first time.

 I also network with a team of professionals to provide additional services such as:

  • SEO and seo marketing strategies.
  • Graphic design & corporate identity establishment.
  • Website design.
  • Server management / web hosting management.